Basic Disclosure Processing

A Basic Disclosure which is available to individuals or employers is a criminal record check, more commonly known as a CRB check or Basic CRB.   A Basic Disclosure checks an individuals’ criminal record and results in a certificate providing details of an applicant’s unspent convictions.  Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974  as outlined by the government employers are able to request details of an applicant’s unspent convictions from the applicant themselves and will be able to check on these via a Basic Disclosure.

If you are unsure on what level of criminal record check is right for you please click here for more information.


You can process your Basic disclosure check in two different ways.

1.  Complete our online CRB application form here and attach your supporting documents online.

2.  Complete our online CRB application form here and skip the sections asking you to supply your supporting documents and send copies by post or fax.




We are able to process Basic Disclosure applications completely online as applicants can submit all the information required in the form below and upload copies of the required supporting documents directly into the form. Two supporting documents are required for an application. One of these must be a document proving the applicants current address i.e. a utility bill, bank statement, benefit statement, driving licence, P45. The other document required is a form of ID, ideally a copy of the applicant’s passport or driving licence. These documents can also be sent to us in the post but please be aware that we cannot start your application until we have received all the information.


We process all Basic Disclosure applications on the day that they are submitted (provided they are done so before 5pm and do not contain any incorrect or missing information that needs to be clarified) which ensures the criminal record check is underway and completed as soon as possible. Once full payment has been received we will submit your Basic Disclosure and you will receive a payment receipt confirming payment and also showing a reference number which can be used for future correspondence.


Your certificate will be sent out by post to the current address you have supplied on your application form and this usually takes between 3-10 working days.


* All applicants needing to process a Standard or Enhanced DBS check will need to have their original Passport or Driving licence verified by someone in the organisation who you will be working for/with or the person who has requested the DBS check.  Simply show your original ID document to someone in the organisation who you will be working for/with e.g HR /line Manager or the person who has requested the check. This person will need to sign a copy of the document and certify that it is a true copy of the original. This signed copy should be submitted to us through our online application form or by post.