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Standard DBS checks show details of both a candidate’s unspent and spent convictions as well as any cautions received.  As the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974  protects applicants from having to disclose details of spent cautions and convictions unless they are applying for a position that is exempt from the act, we recommend that employers wishing to obtain a Standard DBS for an applicant ensure that the position applied for allows for a Standard DBS – such positions include those involved in the legal system, licencing, health services, police, prisons or positions with financial control.



If you are unsure on what level of criminal record check is right for you please click here for more information.


You can process Standard DBS checks in three different ways.

1.  Complete our online CRB application form below and attach your supporting documents online.

2.  Complete our online CRB application form below and skip the sections asking you to supply your supporting documents and send copies by post or fax.

3.  If you prefer to complete a paper application form please click on our Standard application form to download and print our application form and send back to us with copies of your supporting documents by post or fax.  If you would like us to send you an application form or require more information please email us at or call us on 01372 279276. We also have a live chat feature available through our contact page. Phone lines and live chat are open from 9am – 5.30pm.


Step 1

 We are able to process Enhanced DBS applications through the DBS completely online with the e-bulk system as applicants can submit all the information required in the form below and upload copies of the required supporting documents directly into the form.

Three supporting documents are required for an application. One of these must be a document proving the applicants identification e.g Passport or Driving Licence.* The two other documents required must show the applicants current address e.g Utility Bill, Credit Card Statement, Council Tax Statement, Bank Statement etc. These documents can also be sent to us in the post but please be aware that we cannot start your application until we have received all the information.

For details on exactly what documents are acceptable you can check our ‘Required Documents’ page here.

Step 2

Once full payment has been received we will submit your Standard DBS check and you will receive a payment receipt via email confirming your payment and also a reference number which you can use to track your application through the tracking page.

Step 3

Once the check is complete, your DBS certificate will be sent out by post to the current address you have supplied on your application form and usually takes between 2-3 working days (the whole process is done online via our e-bulk system).  Although 85% of Standard DBS checks that we process are completed in this time frame, there are several reasons why some DBS checks may take slightly longer, such as a common surname, multiple addresses, any cautions/convictions that need to be checked. Therefore  we would advise you to call us to look  into your application only if you have still not received your DBS certificate after ten working days.


* All applicants needing to process a Standard or Enhanced DBS check will need to have their original Passport or Driving licence verified by someone in the organisation who you will be working for/with or the person who has requested the DBS check.  Simply show your original ID document to someone in the organisation who you will be working for/with e.g HR /line Manager or the person who has requested the check. This person will need to sign a copy of the document and certify that it is a true copy of the original. This signed copy should be submitted to us through our online application form or by post.

Terms and Conditions



Online CRB Application Form




Please confirm you will be working in a position relating to LAW or FINANCE (Required)

Your Job Title (Required). If applying for a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure you MUST state one. If you are unable to select one of these you will have to apply for a Basic Disclosure.

Please confirm that you will be working in one of the following sectors.


Your Gender (Required)

Title (Required)

First Name (Required)

Surname (Required)

Enter Your Middle Name

Date of Birth (Required)
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Surname at Birth

Have you changed your name by marriage/deed poll/adoption/other reason? (Required)

If Yes state Previous Name here

Date of change
/ /

Have you changed your name for a second time by marriage/deed poll/adoption/other reason? This could include reverting back to your maiden name.(Required)

If Yes state previous name here

Date of change
/ /

Mother's Maiden name (Required)

Town Of Birth (Required)

County or District (Required)

Country of Birth (Required)

Nationality (Required)


To process your criminal record check you will need to supply us with a full 5 year address history. You will also need to show proof of your current address which can be in the form of a utility bill which can be uploaded in the IDENTIFICATION section below.

Current Address (Required)

From (Required)
/ /

To (Required)
/ /

Have you lived at this address for 5 yrs or more ? (If No please complete the second address box) (Required)

Second Address

/ /

/ /

Have you completed your 5 year address history? (If No please complete the third address box)

Third Address

/ /

/ /

Have you completed your 5 year address history?

Fourth Address

/ /

/ /

Have you completed your 5 year address history?


For to process your criminal record check we will require you to supply us with a signed and verified copy of your passport/driving licence as well as two forms of proof of address. These can be uploaded in the section below and will be used in the processing of your application. You can skip this section but please be aware that we are not able to start your application until we have all the required documents. If you do not have a current passport or driving licence please contact us and we will inform you on what other documents we will accept.

Please confirm you have either included (Required)
 Passport Drivers Licence Not provided (Sending by post)

Passport / Driving Licence Date of issue
/ /

Please upload a copy of your Valid Passport or Drivers Licence (Skip if necessary).

Please confirm you have included the following
 Official document showing your current home address 2nd Official document showing current home address Not provided (Sending by post)

National Insurance No. (Required)

Please upload a copy of a document showing your current address (Skip if necessary).

Please upload one further supporting document from the following list (Skip if necessary)


In order to prevent any possible instances of fraud we require the details of someone in the organisation you will be working for/with or person who has requested your check. This person can confirm that they have verified your original passport / driving licence and can confirm that the copy supplied has been signed and verified.

Full Name of person from the company or organisation who has verified your documents (Required)

Position of person from the company or organisation who has verified your documents (Required)

Email address of person from the company or organisation who has verified your documents (Required)

Contact No of person from the company or organisation who has verified your documents. (Required)


Your Contact No. (Required)

Your Email Address (Required)

Employers reference number (Only required for payments made in advance)

Employers Name (Only required for Enhanced and Standard DBS Checks)

How did you hear about us? (Required)


I confirm that the information that I have provided in support of this application is
complete and true and understand that knowingly to make a false statement for this
purpose is a criminal offence.

I consent to UK Employee Checks checking the details I have provided in support of this application
in order to verify my identity and process this application.

We will need your acceptance for us to process your application (Required)

My acceptance is given for you to process my application and I agree to all the terms and conditions.

Please check all the details you have supplied on this online application form as any errors may incur a service charge. Once happy please press Process my application and we will process your application once full payment is received. If the box is greyed out please make sure you have ticked both boxes at the top and bottom of the application form.

Once you process your application you will be directed to our payment page where you can make payment by credit /debit card.



If you are experiencing problems with submitting your application form and you are getting the message “processing” this  might be due to the fact that the files attached are too large. If this is the case please submit your application without attaching your documents. The documents can be supplied by email to  Please mark in the subject line of the email your full name so we can match your application to your supporting documents.


*Individuals who submit their Criminal Record Check applications through will become members of UK Employee Checks Association. Certification of applicants’ identity and ID documents is required for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks to be processed.   For any further information on the DBS you can follow this link

Terms and Conditions