Enhanced Disclsosure




Enhanced DBS checks are essential for individuals  who working with children or vulnerable adults, as depending on an individual’s criminal record history they may be unsuitable for such positions. An Enhanced DBS
check covers both spent and unspent convictions, a Barred List check (which checks if an individual is on a list of people barred from working with children or vulnerable adults), as well as any other information that the police hold on the individual that they feel it is relevant to disclose. We would like to stress the importance of the fact that it is illegal to process an Enhanced DBS check for an individual if they will not be undertaking a role that specifically requires one (i.e. a role working with children or vulnerable adults).


If you are unsure on what level of criminal record check is right for you please click here for more information.

For details on exactly what documents are acceptable you can check our ‘Required Documents‘ page.


*Individuals who submit their Criminal Record Check applications through UK Employee Checks will become members of UK Employee Checks Ltd. Certification of applicants’ identity and ID documents is required for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks to be processed.   For any further information on the DBS you can follow this link

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